Verve Paycode App – Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card

Verve Paycode App – Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card – Download Free Interswitch Verve World Mobile Application For Android BlackBerry iPhones iPad

The first time I saw this bold statement ‘Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card‘ on BRT, I was like -hmmm! they’ve come again with unlimited impossibilities. Not until I read further and saw this amazing innovation¬†powered by Interswitch, one of the leading financial technology and payment processors in Nigeria.

Verve Paycode App - Withdraw Cash From ATM Without Debit Card

How does it work?

It’s simply a unique feature, available in Verve World App, that works with your existing debit card, lets you generate a PayCode -defined by a particular amount- and use it to withdraw cash from nearest ATM.

We are beginning to see a new dimension to ATM withdrawal – you don’t have to carry your ATM card before you can access cash, or even if you forgot it at home/office, there is no need to bother, Interswitch Verve Paycode got you covered 24/7.

The application supports Verve card, MasterCard, and VisaCard for now.

How to get started:

  • Download Verve World App from Playstore
  • Register for free and link your preferred payment card
  • Navigate to the ‘PayCode menu’, click and fill in the field as thus:
    • Choose a payment channel.
    • Enter the amount you or someone else can withdraw.
    • Choose a cashout pin.
    • Select the already-linked payment card to use.
    • Enter the card pin.
  • Click on ‘Get PayCode’

You will be given a one-time password (which expires after withdrawal) that can be used on the selected ATM channel or which you can also send to someone.

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