UK Used Infinix Phones – Be Warned

This post is coming at a time Infinix Mobility, the maker of Infinix smartphones, has already established itself as a leading brand in Nigeria.

We already know that when a new smartphone is rolled out into the market, low-budget folks will start opting for the UK used version which is a repeated trend you see on Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Xperia, iPhones, iPad, Gionee, Microsoft Lumia, etc.

However, Infinix seems to be a different brand as THERE ARE NO UK USED INFINIX PHONES. Any offer you see online is already used here in Nigeria which comes with RISK.

UK Used Infinix Phones - Zero Hot Note Nigeria

Where To View All Infinix Phones, Buy and Pay On Delivery:

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Here are reasons you should buy Infinix from authorized stores:

According to Highteknology, ‘The Infinix Mobility Limited, the makers of the Infinix phones is a joint venture company between Mobiwire (formerly Sagem wireless) and Earning way (Chinese company) in Hong Kong. And we know that Sagem wireless is a French company. So it is now clear that the Infinix phones have some touch of both France and China, but Infinix is a company founded in Hong Kong. The phone is designed in France and then assembled in China.’

The blog still went on to reveal this fact:

Infinix Mobility with their various ranges of Infinix phones is specifically targeting the African market, especially the Nigerian market, by bringing in different models of their products into the Nigerian market at an amazingly low price. By so doing, they have enabled those who cannot afford the same Android-powered products manufactured by the various famous brands mentioned above to now own and enjoy equally the full functionalities that Android offers.’

From all this quote, you will agree with me that Infinix was not built for UK consumers neither do they have distributor deals with UK smartphone merchants.

Now where is the UK Used brand coming from? I repeat again, THERE ARE NO UK USED INFINIX PHONES.

Every Infinix smartphones you see on classified markets like,,, etc are all personally used offers, not from UK which means you may get a faulty device and spend more on repairs which would have been better if you had ordered from authorised sellers online.

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