Time Shift Camera App In BlackBerry Z10 Delivers Perfect Picture Experience

Every amazing experience you enjoy with a new smartphone starts from the camera quality which defines how perfect and crisps your pictures and video output will be. This is what makes the BB Z10 amazing

The device, which comes in a simple and stylish design and runs BB Z10 Os, has its camera technology perfected by Time Shift App.

Imagine the moment you look cute and want to share your fashion sense with your friends on social media but felt bad when you realised that your eyes were closed while laughing.  Time Shift has been built to wind back and capture the moment you opened your eyes before the shot and embed it into the real shot.

Time Shift Camera App In BlackBerry Z10 For Clear Pictures

Features of Time Shift Camera App

  • The application takes pictures from the past, present and the future with control over intervals.
  • You can even make GIF images consisting of the images you take.
  • You can also change the speed of the animation.

Explore Time Shift on BlackBerry Z10

  • Grab your BlackBerry Z10
  • Select the ‘Camera’ icon from your home screen
  • Choose the ‘Camera’ icon once again, this time from within the camera app
  • Ensure the ‘Time Shift’ icon is selected
  • Take your photo and hold the camera as still as possible until the image is displayed
  • Now simply use the slider at the bottom of the screen to choose the optimum image
  • If you don’t like any of them select the ‘Trash’ icon to ditch them all
  • Or just choose the one you like and hit ‘Tick’ to save!

Source (Knowyourmobile)

Time Shift camera is available on Google play store for free download.

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