Best Way to Send Money to Nigeria (Lowest Cost)

Send money to Nigeria online from abroad – find every useful information you need to transfer money to your friends and family in Nigeria through Western union, MoneyGram or direct credit card payment to a bank account.

Sending money to Nigeria doesn’t have to be stressful or complex if you have the right information that will help you compare all the rates/fees payable with method of delivery (pick up, bank or credit card)

In this guide, we will be doing a comprehensive listing of key factors to consider before choosing the right international money transfer agent in your resident country.

Send money to Nigeria online from abroad

Choosing Money Transfer Company to Send Money to Nigeria Online From Abroad:

  • Exchange rates: you need to compare the currency exchange rate available as at when you want to send your money. Though the difference may be small but the volume of fund transfer speaks.
  • Transfer fee & Payment Method; Check the service charge payable and which payment methods are available. Some money agent has different fees for direct deposit to a bank account or cash pickup via Western union or MoneyGram.
  • Delivery time; It’s also important for you to compare the time it takes for your transfer to be received by the recipient at home. While some could take days, others are just in minutes; thanks to the improvement payment platforms available for financial services.
  • Customer service: A good agent is always reachable via mail, phone, live support or social media channel. It’s important for you to check this so that you can always reach out for more questions and inquiries.
  • Minimum Transfer: Some cash transfer agent have a minimum amount they don’t go below, others may also have no such policy in place. So, you have to compare these factor to find the best international money transfer service. The fact that an agent does not have minimum balance is not a full proof that they are the best. Use other factors as listed above.
  • Location: The selected agent should also have a wider network, preferably in an accessible bank or CBN authorised centre so that your friends, family or whoever you are sending the money to can walk-in to receive the money.

Send money to Nigeria online from abroad

Send Money to Nigeria From Abroad With Cash Pick Up Option:

When you are sending money to Nigeria from abroad (except it’s paid into a bank account), extra caution is very important to avoid ‘story that touches the heart’ (LOL!)

  • Go with a trusted friend or sibling for security reason
  • Avoid crowded locations where theft or crime is common
  • Deposit the money into your bank account directly and avoid carrying cash in your pocket.

While these tips will help you send money to Nigeria online from abroad safely, also remember to keep your money transfer receipt and reference number as this will help you track the progress of your remittances.

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