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Chisco Transport Price List – Find everything you need to know about Chisco bus transport company fares, branches, online booking from Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt

Chisco bus transport is one of the oldest bus travel service providers in Nigeria. Not only, are they known for their wide area coverage but have also pride them self as the cheapest and affordable passenger travel company.

This resource list outlines Chisco transport price list to different destination from Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ghana.

Chisco Transport Price List


Chisco Fixed Bus Schedule & Routes:

Chisco Transport Price List From Lagos:

Departure Destination Time
Jibowu, Lagos Nyanya, Abuja (₦6,300) 06:00am
Jibowu, Lagos Port-Harcourt , Rivers (₦4,500) 06:00am
Jibowu, Lagos Owerri, Imo (₦4,500) 06:00am
Jibowu, Lagos Amichi, Akwa – Ibom 06:00am
Jibowu, Lagos Enugu, Enugu (₦4,500) 06:00am
Jibowu, Lagos Osha, Ebonyi 06:00am

Chisco Transport Price List From Abuja:

Departure Destination Time
Utako, Abuja Jibowu, Lagos (₦6,300) 06:00am
Utako, Abuja Port-Harcourt , Rivers (₦4,500) 06:00am
Utako, Abuja Owerri, Imo (₦4,500) 06:00am
Utako, Abuja Amichi, Akwa – Ibom (₦5000) 06:00am
Utako, Abuja Enugu, Enugu 06:00am
Utako, Abuja Osha, Ebonyi 06:00am

Chisco Transport Price List From Port Harcourt

Departure Destination Time
Rivers, PH Nyanya, Abuja (₦4950) 06:00am
Rivers, PH Jibowu, Lagos (₦4,500) 06:00am
Rivers, PH Owerri, Imo 06:00am
Rivers, PH Amichi, Akwa – Ibom 06:00am
Rivers, PH Enugu, Enugu 06:00am
Rivers, PH Osha, Ebonyi 06:00am

Chisco Online Booking

You don’t have to look for the nearest park around you; right on your palm, you can book a ticket, pay online and travel.

Chisco Transport Price List

While these are Chisco transport price list from Lagos, Abuja and PH, you can find more fares for various destination on the company website.

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