ATM Withdrawal Limit in Nigeria For Naira MasterCard & Visa Card

ATM Withdrawal Limit in Nigeria For Naira MasterCard & Visa Card – This is a recent development on the use of your ATM for international cash withdrawal abroad.

Due to the US dollar scarcity which is currently affecting the availability of the greenback in Nigeria, some banks have stopped authorizing ATM withdrawal transactions abroad. This means you will no longer use your Naira-denominated card for a cash withdrawal but can still make payment within a certain daily or monthly limit (ranging from $100 to $200) outside the shores of Nigeria to foreign merchants who do not accept Naira for bill settlement; this includes online purchases, hotel or airline booking, and any related fees paid in US dollars.

ATM Withdrawal Limit in Nigeria

According to AbokiFX, here are banks that will not longer allow the use of their ATM for international withdrawal abroad:


Best Way to Send Money to Nigeria (Lowest Cost)

Send money to Nigeria online from abroad – find every useful information you need to transfer money to your friends and family in Nigeria through Western union, MoneyGram or direct credit card payment to a bank account.

Sending money to Nigeria doesn’t have to be stressful or complex if you have the right information that will help you compare all the rates/fees payable with method of delivery (pick up, bank or credit card)

In this guide, we will be doing a comprehensive listing of key factors to consider before choosing the right international money transfer agent in your resident country.

Send money to Nigeria online from abroad

Choosing Money Transfer Company to Send Money to Nigeria Online From Abroad:


SunTrust Bank Nigeria Opens For Retail & Commercial Banking Services

The latest entrant to the banking and financial service market is Suntrust Bank, a financial technology focused bank recently licenced by the CBN to provide high-quality retail and commercial banking services to individuals and SMEs who couldn’t access traditional banking account.

More Details About SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited.

The bank is equipped with modern technology to make anyone access financial services via telephone, mobile and internet banking platforms which will be available during weekdays and weekends to millions of potential customers from around the world.

Suntrust Bank Nigeria Locations, Directors Career