List of Infinix Phones with 4GB & 6GB RAM on Jumia Nigeria

Infinix Phones with 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory on Jumia Nigeria – Buy Latest Infinix Phones at Cheapest Price in Naira – Specs: 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM with 12MP, 13MP & 16MP Camera Pixels.

Have you ever found your phone suddenly shut down because you were opening multiple applications or maybe you wanted to quickly check a movie online while playing a game, chatting on WhatsApp and the next notice that pops up on your mobile phone is “WhatsApp is not responding”? Then, it’s time to upgrade your smartphone and get a better model with a bigger RAM of up to 6GB RAM. YES! You can get a smartphone of 6GB RAM at a cheaper price. Thanks to Infinix and Tecno phone makers.

But, this guide solely focuses on some of the best Infinix phones that come with 6GB RAM on board. You might ask, what does a 6GB RAM do and how is it better than 3GB, or 2GB RAM? I have already shared one reason earlier; a larger RAM provides ample space for you to run multiple applications smoothly without having to close one or more apps. You can as well, play heavy graphics games, and see your phone performer better, in short, go download the FIFA soccer game on a 2GB RAM smartphone, I don’t think you can even play it for 5 minutes, your phone will suddenly hang, but on a larger memory, you can enjoy more run time without a hitch.

As Infinix upgrades its smartphone models to offer better value and enhance personal productivity, here are our selected list of Infinix phones with 4GB, 6GB RAM you can give a try right now.

Where to Buy Infinix Phones with 6GB RAM:

Jumia – View Price Offers

Infinix ZERO 5 PRO (X603B)

Infinix Phones - 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory on Jumia Nigeria



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Infinix Smartphones With 13MP, 16MP & 20MP Camera

Infinix Phones With 13MP, 16MP & 20MP Camera – Buy Latest Infinix Phones With 2GB, 3GB RAM & Good Camera At Cheapest Price In Naira On Jumia

Apart from a lasting and strong battery life of 4000mAh, 5000mAh or 6000mAh, what else do you think makes a great smartphone and a must own? The quality and configuration of camera pixels, why? the reason is not far from people’s love for quality and sharp images. Everyone wants to capture the beautiful moment of one’s life, share pictures, record events and happenings. This is one of the key reasons Infinix smartphones are selling fast in Nigeria, they are not supported by lasting battery but also built with impressive and smart cameras.

Find below some of the Infinix phones with 13MP, 16MP and 20MP

Even though we are listing all the models together, they offer varying level of image output and video quality:

Where to Buy Infinix Phones With Good Camera On Jumia:

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With 13MP Camera – View Price Offers

With 20MP Camera – View Price Offers



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Best 6 Infinix & Tecno Phones Below 40000 Naira

Best 6 Infinix & Tecno Phones Below 40000 Naira – This list contains cheapest Android smartphones you can buy on Jumia for 40,000 – 20,000 naira.

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As exchange rate tends to the higher side, up to N400 in the parallel market as at when we posted this, the price of smartphones seems to have skyrocketed by more than 50%, a new level many can’t afford.

Besides, a lot of people call in to request for phones below a specific price level – 40,000 naira and the brands most requested for are Tecno and Infinix.

Today, we will be sharing the best 6 smartphones from Infinix and Tecno you can still shop online for and pay less than N40,000 to get it delivered to you.

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Best 6 smartphones from Tecno & Infinix below 40,000 Naira



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Infinix S2 Pro Specs & Price In Nigeria

Infinix S2 Pro Price In Nigeria should start from N60,000 -Find everything you need to know about the latest Infinix smartphone, specs, and where to buy on Jumia, & Slot.

Infinix S2 Pro is the latest smartphone release in the Hot S family ( the first offer the maker is letting out of the bag this year 2017) from Infinix Mobility. A closer look at what the device is equipped similar feature built into the Infinix Hot S, expect the body look, and camera setups.

Infinix S2 Pro Price In Nigeria Jumia Slot

Where to Buy Infinix Phones & Pay On Delivery

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Infinix Note 4 Specs & Price In Nigeria

Infinix Note 4 Price In Nigeria should range from N70,000 on Jumia & Konga store – find everything you need to know about the latest Infinix phones, specs and where to buy.

Infinix Note 4 may be the first Android phone the maker will release this year 2017, early specifications are already showing up, this is less than 5 months, Infinix Note 3 went live on top stores like Jumia and Konga.

Infinix Note 3 was no doubt a hit after a successful launch in August 2016, but now, the next successor going by features might even be a bigger hit for the maker. All the available leaked but unconfirmed specifications portend a super high-end phone equipped with powerful configurations we may not have seen on any other Infinix Android phone.

Unofficial renders of the upcoming Infinix Note 4 moniker reveals a remarkable upgrade across the hardware and CPU speed which should ordinarily process information faster than the base model, camera setups and battery capabilities.

Where to Buy Infinix Phones & Pay On Delivery

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Infinix Zero 3 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus – Compare Specs

Infinix Zero 3 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus – Compare Specifications of Infinix Zero smartphones and know which to buy now.

As at when we compared these three Infinix Zero smartphones, Infinix Mobility is yet to officially unveiled the spec-sheet of the flagship Infinix Zero 4 Plus. Our comparison, based on this premise, is drawn from the what’s making the rounds and likely areas the Android maker is upgrading both base and plus variants.

Once we have confirmed the all the specifications, we will update ASAP.

Check Out: Infinix Zero 3 | Infinix Zero 4 | Infinix Zero 4 Plus

Big Improvements: Infinix Zero 3 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Vs Infinix Zero 4 Plus

The basic upgrade noticed in the new Infinix Zero 4 smartphones are body design, operating system, security, hardware configuration and memory with battery. The camera of Zero 4, still impressive, comes a bit toned-down compared to the Zero 3 but superb in Zero 4 Plus (20.7MP and 13MP combo)

On screen size, Infinix Zero 3 and Zero 4 share similar 5.5-inch which is a little bit close to the 5.98-inch screen size of the plus flagship (Infinix Zero 4 Plus). The Zero 4 smartphones come pre-loaded with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Os with XOS UI, unlike the Zero 3 that boots on 5.1 Lollipop (Infinix should have pushed update to it by now)

In terms of performance, the three Infinix Zero moniker deliver superb speed and performance; thanks to the efficient chipset (64-bit octa-core processor in Zero 3 and Zero 4 and deca-core CPU in Zero 4 Plus) and powerful battery power inside. But, expect a faster response on Infinix Zero 4 Plus (an upgraded memory of 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space)

The key selling point of Infinix Zero 3 is the sony-powered 20.7MP built to make you experience a crystal clear picture and video experience. This was also retained in Zero 4 Plus (with PDAF, Dual-LED flash) for 4K video quality but lesser in Zero 4 moniker (16MP with OIS, LED flash and f/2.0). Talking about front camera, Infinix Zero 4 plus pack a powerful 13MP with autofocus and OIS for selfies and video calling.


Infinix Zero 4 Plus Price In Nigeria & Kenya

Infinix Zero 4 Plus Price In Nigeria Kenya – Find full specifications of the latest Infinix Zero 4 Plus with price and where to buy on Jumia.

Infinix Zero 4 Plus is a high-specced model of the base successor to Infinix Zero 3 (Zero 4) with a bigger screen size of 5.98-inch and metallic body design . Like you would normally expect, the plus variant is equipped with an upgraded chipset which, a superb 13MP front snapper, coupled with Infinix responsive XOS UI, offers improved speed, performance, and at same time power-efficient.


Infinix Zero 4 Plus Price In Nigeria (Kenya) & Key Features:

  • Display: 5.98-inch IPS LCD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 4.
  • Os: Android 6.0
  • Hardware: Helio X20 64-bit deca-core processor
  • Memory: 4GB and 64GB ROM
  • Camera: 20.7MP Back and 13MP Front
  • Fingerprint: Yes
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Price: from N63,000 in Nigeria and Ksh 21,000 in Kenya.
Infinix Zero 4 Plus Price In Nigeria JumiaWhere to Buy Infinix Phones & Pay On Delivery

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