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Buy Mobile Power Bank In Nigeria – 12000MAh. Cheap Power Bank Price In Jumia Nigeria Online Store

This Universal Power Bank 12‎,‎000mAh is for people who need a permanent solution for their increasing mobile electronic needs‎.‎ This high capacity external power unit will satisfy anyone who is hungry for more power‎.‎

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The huge storage will supply enough energy to power your favorite cell phones for several days at a time so you will never have to worry about seeing the dreaded “out of battery indicator” while checking your emails‎,‎ watching Youtube videos‎,‎ and surfing all your social medias to your heart’s content‎.‎

This super high capacity external battery pack will never leave your mobile devices hanging‎.‎ Rated at 12000 mAh‎,‎ this backup power bank will fully charge your iPhone 8 times‎,‎ Samsung Galaxy 4 times‎,‎ and your iPad Mini up to 2 times‎.‎ It was designed to be slim and sleek‎,‎ yet still pack in serious power‎.‎

The stylish MOTA 12‎,‎000mAh power bank has a beautiful grey finish with a fine granite pebble textured surface for anti‎-slip measures and easy smooth handling Perfect for road trips‎,‎ traveling overseas‎,‎ or even intense mobile gaming‎,‎ the 12000 mAh Power Bank will always keep you‎,‎ your family and friends charged‎.‎ Specifications‎:‎ High Quality Li‎-Polymer Battery Input‎:‎ 5V / 1A Output‎:‎ 5V / 2.1A Capacity‎:‎ 12‎,‎000 mAh Package Content‎:‎ 12000 mAh Battery Pack Flat compact Micro USB Cable User Manual

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