List of Infinix Phones with 4GB & 6GB RAM on Jumia Nigeria

Infinix Phones with 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory on Jumia Nigeria – Buy Latest Infinix Phones at Cheapest Price in Naira – Specs: 4GB RAM, 6GB RAM with 12MP, 13MP & 16MP Camera Pixels.

Have you ever found your phone suddenly shut down because you were opening multiple applications or maybe you wanted to quickly check a movie online while playing a game, chatting on WhatsApp and the next notice that pops up on your mobile phone is “WhatsApp is not responding”? Then, it’s time to upgrade your smartphone and get a better model with a bigger RAM of up to 6GB RAM. YES! You can get a smartphone of 6GB RAM at a cheaper price. Thanks to Infinix and Tecno phone makers.

But, this guide solely focuses on some of the best Infinix phones that come with 6GB RAM on board. You might ask, what does a 6GB RAM do and how is it better than 3GB, or 2GB RAM? I have already shared one reason earlier; a larger RAM provides ample space for you to run multiple applications smoothly without having to close one or more apps. You can as well, play heavy graphics games, and see your phone performer better, in short, go download the FIFA soccer game on a 2GB RAM smartphone, I don’t think you can even play it for 5 minutes, your phone will suddenly hang, but on a larger memory, you can enjoy more run time without a hitch.

As Infinix upgrades its smartphone models to offer better value and enhance personal productivity, here are our selected list of Infinix phones with 4GB, 6GB RAM you can give a try right now.

Where to Buy Infinix Phones with 6GB RAM:

Jumia – View Price Offers

Infinix ZERO 5 PRO (X603B)

Infinix Phones - 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory on Jumia Nigeria



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